I am pleased to announce that Dickson Nerbas Interior Design is now offering Design Packages. These packages have been in the works for the last few weeks and I’m so thrilled to be able to introduce them today.

Before we jump into the nitty gritty, let’s start by establishing what a Design Package is. A Design Package is a flat rate for a pre-determined number of design hours. The designer works with the client to establish a scope of work to be completed using the hours purchased. For instance, a client may call wishing to chat with a designer about a potential renovation to get an idea for how the designer would approach the project and to see if they’d work well together. In that case a Consultation, which lasts up to two hours, would be enough to get a feel for whether you thought along the same lines. Some designers offer a Room Refresh Package or Paint Selection Package, but I’ve simply called our packages Consultation, 10 Hour and 20 Hour Packages as a way of conveying that there really is no pre-determined way in which they must be used.


DNID Design Packages


The Consultation Package

As mentioned above, the Consultation lasts up to two hours and is ideal for a client wishing to meet with a designer about a potential renovation to get suggestions, an idea for how the designer would approach the project and to see if they’re a good fit. The Consultation is also ideal for a client who may be interested in pursuing the design work themselves but would like some direction.

Consultation $300.00


10 Hour Package

The 10 Hour package is ideal for, among other things, a client looking for a one room styling refresh, a more supported DIY experience, or a one to two room design presentation with suggestions for things such as over all concept, furniture, accessories, lighting and paint colors. The 10 Hour Package can also be used as a stepping stone to a bigger commitment.


20 Hour Package

The 20 Hour Package allows us to get a little more in depth and a little farther along on your project. More hours allow for a larger scope of work: maybe you have a powder room that is crying out for some wallpaper, new lighting, hardware, and a great mirror. As with the 10 Hour Package, the 20 Hour Package can be used as a stepping stone to a bigger commitment.


What are the benefits of purchasing a Design Package?

The biggest benefit is that you know exactly what you’ll be paying up front. When you purchase a 10 Hour or 20 Hour Package the cost is set, and the scope of work established over the phone or by in-house consultation (depending on number of hours purchased). This means you’ll not only know exactly what you’re paying, but you’ll also know what you’ll be receiving in return. The second benefit is that there is no obligation to continue once your hours are complete. The scope of work set at the beginning of your package will be complete and you’ll be thrilled! Maybe you loved the experience so much you’re now looking around your home thinking about another space you’d like to work on. Great! You can purchase another package or, now that you’re comfortable and know what to expect from our process, you can move to an hourly rate.

Why do I charge for consultations?

I charge for consultations because no matter if we end up working together on a regular basis or we meet once for direction on a DIY project, this consultation is a working meeting. I leave you with suggestions and an action plan for moving forward with your project. A lot can be accomplished in a two-hour time period and when booking your consultation, you’ll be given tips on how to prepare for your consultation in order to make the most of your time.

To get a more thorough understanding of what these packages can do for you, and to get 10 Hour and 20 Hour Package pricing, please call 403-829-283 or head over to the contact page and send us an email telling us a bit about your project. I look forward to hearing from you!

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