Hi, I’m Regan.

Dickson Nerbas Interior Design is an interior design studio based in Calgary, Alberta and specializing in residential and boutique commercial projects. With a Bachelor of Applied Interior Design (BAID), experience in both residential and architecture firms, and more that ten years experience in space planning, visual merchandising, and styling for several well-known retailers, you could say I’ve built a career out of doing what I love.

But really, my career in design started long before my first paid job. As a kid I spent hours rearranging my room- shoving my dresser from one side of the room to the other, nudging the head and foot of my bed a few inches at a time until it was in exactly the right spot, and taping my posters into what could arguably be called my first attempt at a gallery wall. All this is to say that I love interior design, I’ve been doing it since before I knew what it was, and I’d like to do it for you.


Great design is composed of layers that are built on a foundation established by how a space is intended to function.

It is the level of attention given to the details of construction and design, an effective collaboration between the creative and the technical, that ultimately determines the success of any space.

The job of a designer is to engage their client in discovering what they require from their space, how it will be used, and how best to incorporate their personality while communicating the feel and function they desire through the use of materials, finishes, and a space plan that supports the end use.

When personality and function are inherent in a space, the result is depth and integrity.

email | regan@dicksonnerbasinteriors.com
telephone 403-829-2863

located in Calgary, Alberta

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