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Dickson Nerbas Interior Design is an interior design studio based in Calgary, Alberta specializing in residential and boutique commercial projects.  With a Bachelor of Applied Interior Design (BAID), experience in both residential and architecture firms, and more than ten years experience in space planning, visual merchandising, and styling for several well-known retailers, you could say I’ve built a career out of doing what I love.





“Your home should rise up to greet you.” – Nate Berkus

Can you think of a lovelier sentiment to describe how it should feel to walk into your home? Your home should be unmistakably yours. Its plan and concept should serve the needs of your family and function in a way that makes everything just a little bit easier.




The design of a space can impact everything from how much time we spend in it and how productive we are while we’re there, to how much we’re willing to spend. The look and feel of your space have an enormous impact on your brand; it sends a message to your clients without saying a word.




Great styling can take a basic room and make it look like the cover shot of your favorite Pinterest board. It’s really all in the details – color, texture, objects with meaning, unique finds, or an old favorite piece used in a surprising new way.

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located in Calgary, Alberta

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